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Large Butcher Style Apron - Dark Blue


A unique British made, cotton drill large butcher's style apron with a repeating textile pattern that continues to the edges of the apron. It contains the quintessentially British pictures of a vintage car, horse, cricket and hockey players accompanied by the traditional British sayings ‘Toodle Pip’, ‘ Tally Ho’, ‘Sticky Wicket’ and ‘Oh Fiddle Sticks’.  The apron benefits from a large pocket that is a solid colour (this comes in the same colour as the design on the apron). 

A unique British homeware gift, from the UK, by Georgie Parker.

Please Note: The layout and colour of the design on the product received may vary from that seen in the picture.  All of the textile product colours are different to those found on the ceramic and tableware products.  The textile products are generally a bolder brighter colour, whereas the ceramic and tableware products generally have a more earthy colour to them.

Unique British made Georgie Parker blue kitchen apron.